Column Dressing

The Art of Column Dressing
In the ever-evolving world of fashion, some trends come and go, while others stand the test of time. One such timeless style that has consistently remained at the forefront of sophistication is column dressing. This classic approach to fashion is all about achieving an effortless yet stand-out look.

What is Column Dressing?
Column dressing is a fashion concept that revolves around creating a seamless, unbroken line of colour and silhouette in your outfit. It typically involves wearing a monochromatic outfit with minimal distractions, like intricate patterns or excessive accessories. The goal is to create a streamlined, vertical visual effect that elongates your figure and exudes understated elegance.

Why we love it!
At the heart of column dressing is simplicity. It's about letting your outfit speak volumes without the need for anything extra.
One of the best aspects of column dressing is its versatility, it's not limited to a particular style or occasion. A monochromatic outfit can seamlessly transition from casual to formal events with a simple change of accessories. For instance, pairing a our Longline Linen Shirt with our Panelled Capri Pants creates a relaxed and trendy look, and then adding statement jewellery instantly transforms it into a night-time look.

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