Why We Love Boiled Wool

It’s a bestseller for a reason! Known for its warmth, durability and soft touch. Discover the process behind how our boiled wool is constructed and why it’s the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

As the name suggests, boiled wool is made through the process of boiling the fibers, which shrinks and compresses the wool by 20% to 50%. This interlocks and compresses the fibers, resulting in a tighter, felt-like finish, that still retains its soft hand feel.

The fabric density means it is more resistant to water than other wool, so drops of water roll off the surface. The tight construction increases the strength and friction resistance of the wool and helps to act as a weather barrier.

Why we love it:

How to care for Boiled Wool

1. The natural wax in wool helps to protect the fibers against dirt and harsh environments, meaning boiled wool only requires gentle laundering.

2. Where required, boiled wool should always be dry cleaned and ironed under a warm cloth when needed.