At Yarra Trail we know that style doesn’t come in any particular size and we aim to design pieces that embrace and accentuate our feminine shape, focusing on proportion and the play of pattern and stripes across the body.

Our Plus Size collection is available in sizes 16-24. Made on a different block and tailored to suit a curvy body type, our Plus Size range is completely unique and may differ from an average size 16-24.

A good fit is so important to us, so we take care in considering necklines, sleeves and body lengths. Made on a different block and tailored to suit a curvy body type, 

"The foundation of pattern drafting is taking accurate body measurements and using these to create a block. Once this has been created and perfect, we can create variations

- ie. patterns. The fit of a garment will vary depending on the style, fabric and cut" 


Jackets and shirts fall over the hips, softly draped dresses skim the body in all the right places and well-tailored pants fit & flatter the body.

Fabrics and fits are designed to move with you and complement your body, with all the artisanal prints, relaxed natural fibres and casual cuts of Yarra Trail, designed just for you. 

We want real women to feel comfortable, casual and cool in their everyday dress - to enjoy their style as they do the outdoors, good wine, friends, family and a long weekend.

Worn by our Trailblazer Amber Gwynn (Founder and Director of 'NonAirBrushedMe', a Body Positive Activist & Model): 


“It's important for us to see that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms because we're all beautiful and unique."