Weekend Life

Author, TV presenter, model and presenter Nicky Buckley is a figure of women’s empowerment , pioneering

pregnancy style and pushing cultural movement for women in the 90s. We chat with Nicky about her life-

shaping experiences, the power of staying true to yourself and her plans for a laid-back winter.

Vibrant and down to earth, Nicky has enjoyed a relaxed lifestyle on Victoria’s surf coast with her family for

seventeen years. She’s been focussed on raising her three sons and running businesses with her husband

of twenty-seven years, Murray Bingham, as well as charity work for Ovarian Cancer Research. She also

penned her memoir in 2015, where she shared her stories of ageism, resilience and empowerment. 

We chat with Nicky about her life-shaping experiences, the power of staying true to yourself and her

plans for a laid-back winter.  

Weekend Life

Women’s equality and empowerment is something I’ve always fought for.

I grew up in a household of four brothers and a sister. I have always fought for female equality but I

have not had to fight as hard as some. Having to fight for my rights with my brothers in a

testosterone-filled male household, I’ve always had the strength of character to never allow

someone to belittle me or take advantage of me. It’s great to see more women coming into their own.

The controversy around my pregnancy styling made me more determined than ever.

It did impact me in a big way, but I’m not so sure I was aware of it at the time. I think it cemented

In me to stay true to myself, my values and what I believe in and not worry about what other people think. I have

no problems staying true to myself and standing up for my myself. Becoming known as a feminist role model was

unintentional, but if something I do positively impacts other women, then I’m all for it. 

Weekend Life

I wrote my book to help other women stay true and believe in themselves.

My intention was to find a way to impart some wisdom on the young women of today. The main message is to stay

true to yourself, stick to your dreams, don’t let other people steal them. If you really want something bad enough and

are prepared to do the work, you can achieve it. Stick to your lane.

The age I’ve felt most comfortable with myself.

For me, it changes all the time. I’m pretty happy and comfortable with myself most of the time. I can’t really remember

a time when I wasn’t. That doesn’t mean I’m happy and on top of the world all the time, but I am comfortable

with who I am.

Weekend Life