Weekend Life

In Weekend Life, we share inspiring stories from two well-known Australian women who embody authenticity,

positivity and diversity through their own personal experiences.

Nicky Buckley and Sarah Harry open up to Yarra Trail about embracing life and change, being a force of

empowerment for women and the beauty of living bravely. Set amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Victorian

countryside, we hear personal stories of challenging the status quo, motherhood, self-care and being a

force for good.

Weekend Life

Author, TV presenter, model and presenter Nicky Buckley is a figure of women’s empowerment,

pioneering pregnancy style and pushing cultural movement for women in the 90s. We chat with

Nicky about her life-shaping experiences, the power of staying true to yourself and her plans

for a laid-back winter.

Weekend Life

Weekend Life

As one of Australia’s leading specialists in body image and disordered eating, working as a clinician,

lecturer, researcher and author, Sarah celebrates body positivity and empowerment from Body

Positive Australia in which she is a founder and co-director. We talk to Sarah about finding peace

and strength, single parenting and the importance of being kind to yourself.