This season we'd love you to meet three Australian women who created their own opportunities, became the firsts in their fields and took the lead with empathy, optimism and resilience.

Trailblazers: First Ladies shares the stories of Rachael Robertson (Antarctic expedition leader, best-selling author and keynote speaker), Leah Heiss

(designer of the world's first modular hearing aid) and Lydia Lassila (five-time Olympian and Olympic medallist) about what it takes to be a great leader.

Melbourne-based designer Leah Heiss has always enjoyed solving problems and helping people. She's the type of person who visits 

friends and family, armed with butchers paper and markers, to help them navigate challenges and map out their future.

So, it comes as no surprise that Leah would discover her passion and career in improving people’s health and wellbeing. 


Combining design, health and technology, Leah designs wearable medical devices that don't only look like jewellery, they also 

reinvent how people manage and feel about their health. Among her design achievements are Diabetes Jewellry that 

administers insulin through the skin, and Smart Heart, a necklace that detects arrythmia. 

Here, Leah tells us how empathy and nature inspire her work, how she tackles big projects and models resillience to her kids. 



Watch the video to hear Leah's story:  




What does Leah love about wearing Yarra Trail:  


Watch the video to hear Leah's story: