At Yarra Trail we celebrate the creative triumph of women who seek to push the boundaries.
We spoke to three brilliant Australian media personalities, whose passion, empowerment and
courage are truly inspiring. These trailblazing storytellers share their experience, inspiring us
to see how we can change the culture of female representation in the media. 

Meet the Trailblazers

Amber Gwynn lights up every room she walks into. Aside from her obvious good looks, she glows
from the inside out, brimming with the confidence of a woman who knows and loves exactly who
she is, as she is.  


As a body positivity activist and curve model, Amber has made it her mission to empower as
many women as she can with her message of self-love by starting the NonAirbrushedMe global
movement that pushes for real and unedited images in media.

“It’s important for us to see that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and forms
because we’re all beautiful and unique.”


Watch the video to hear Amber’s Story:

As one of Australia’s most respected television producers, presenters and award-winning
journalists, Karla Grant has interviewed politicians and Indigenous leaders, as well as prominent
and ordinary Australians with extraordinary stories to tell.


The daughter of an Aboriginal mother and a Dutch father, Karla is a powerful advocate for
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. As host and executive producer of SBS and NITV’s current
affairs program Living Black for 16 years, Karla has made it her life’s work to shine a light on the
challenges and achievements of Indigenous Australians.

“We all need to see ourselves reflected onscreen, on an ongoing basis. We live in a diverse
multicultural society and when we can see ourselves represented we can relate to and
connect with what we’re seeing.”


Watch the video to hear Karla’s story:

Now proudly in her 60s, the inimitable Ros Reines is a writer, mother, journalist, model and for 
18 years was the fierce and fearless social commentator for The Sunday Telegraph.


Her 40-year media career has taken her across the world, covering politics at home and the 
culture scene in the UK. Once dubbed ‘The columnist they can’t silence’, Ros has faced her share 
of challenges – both public and private. Throughout her journey, she’s been inspired to share 
them, encouraging frank discussion around the age and gender discrimination women face.

“There’s a great opportunity for older women to be respected for their wisdom and
celebrated for having surfed the great waves of their youth and survived all those
dips and troughs.”


Watch the video to hear Ros’ story: