*Hint hint* it's Mother's Day on May 12th this year. Our favourite time to celebrate the wonderful, inspiring, funny mother-figures in our lives .

We've gathered together the mothers & daughters of Yarra Trail and Marco Polo to remind us all that mum knows best. 







How has your mum inspired your style?

Natasha: Ultimately mum has inspired me by showing me most how to have fun with fashion-

finding those statement pieces and having confidence to be a bit bolder. 


How would you describe your mum in three words?

N: Simply the best.






What's the best advice you've ever given your children?

Deirdre: I'm not sure about advice- but only hope they feel able to talk to me about anything

and I'll be a good listener.


How would you describe your mum in three words?

Monica: Loving, silly and inspirational!






What's the best advice you've ever received from your mother?

Emma:  Treat others as you'd like to be treated. 


What do you love best about Emma?

Lynne: Her sense of humour and her laugh. It's infectious. When she has a belly laugh,

she has a really good time. 






How would you describe your mum in three words?

Larissa: Beautiful inside & out. 


What's do you love about Larissa? 

Loretta: Her sense of humour and her compassion. 






What advice would you love to pass on to your children?

Mel: Well, I'm not a mum yet (3 more months!) but probably try not to take life too seriously,

laugh a lot and enjoy the ride.


How has Mel inspired your style?

Libby: Mel keeps my style suited to who I am, I love all the Marco Polo choices she gives me! 





What's the best thing about your mum?

Zara:  My mum is my best friend- she's strong, confident, thoughtful- and a little bit bossy!


What's the best advice you've given to your children?

Annthea: To follow their dreams, be true to yourself and never let anyone dull your sparkle.





This Mother's Day treat the women that mean the most in your life to something special. With cosy knits to layer with love,

chic shirts to wear to brunch and pants that will become your staples.