Wellness Tips

As our routines are suddenly being turned upside down, it’s a good opportunity to develop new

wellness habits for you and your household. The team at Yarra Trail have put together their top

tips on staying in good health mentally and physically. 

Wellness Tips

Lack of sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes and other health problems, and experts agree

that high-quality sleep is as important to health and well-being as good nutrition and exercise.

If you can schedule in a solid 7-9 hours of sleep every night, you’re on the right track to improving

your overall health and wellbeing. 

Wellness Tips

Current times are stressful, and being inside your own home can fuel new anxieties. If you are

feeling anxious, there are a few meditation techniques you can perform every day to lower your

stress levels. Even a few minutes of meditation are better than doing nothing and it can be as

simple as focusing on breathing or silently repeating a mantra. Take the time to stop, take deep

breaths, and search for a free video on a guided meditation. You may need to perform this a few

times to feel the full effects, but you will see the effects long term in due course. 

Wellness Tips

Just because you cannot leave your house, does not mean you need to be restricted to the

couch. A lot of trainers and health courses are now live streaming at home workouts. These

are usually free, are short in time and can re-fresh your mind and body. The more you move,

the more endorphins are realised into your body, making you happier and healthier. Give

them a go! You might be surprised how much you can achieve at home.  

Wellness Tips

We might be a little restricted on what we can go out and purchase, so this is the perfect

opportunity to try out new recipes! There are a lot of websites that have endless lists of

mindful recipes for you and your family to try. Try and not overeat, or eat too many unhealthy

foods. When we’re outside, we break the habit of eating constantly so try and enforce set

times you eat every day. Refuel your body and your brain to gain healthy habits. 

Wellness Tips

One of the most important steps on this list, is, of course, connecting with others. Human

contact is human nature, and in these stressful times, some of us feel the strain more than

others. Is there someone in your life you haven’t spoken to in a while? A quick text message,

email, phone call or a video chat would really brighten somebodies day. Check-in on those

you care about to keep spirits high and bring joy back into your world.