Once exclusively worn by the upper class as country sportswear, tweed made its way into women’s fashion in the 1920s thanks to Coco Chanel. In fact, the designer re-imagined the hunting and cycling outfits worn by her lover, the Duke of Wellington, and transformed them into delicate and feminine dresses, jackets and skirts so well recognised all over the world.

Nowadays tweed fabric is a symbol of elegance and timeless style and we love it for its versatility. Below are our three favourite ways to wear our new Tweed Jacket, now available online in size 8-18.

Tweed Jacket

Wear it as a set

The most classic way to style a tweed jacket is to wear it with its matching skirt or pants. The structured look of a tweed suit is perfect for formal occasions and workwear. Layer with a soft neutral top or blouse and opt for simple heels or flats to complete the outfit.

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Let it be the star of the show

A tweed jacket is a statement piece and can be worn on its own for a curated, yet more relaxed outfit. To avoid shadowing the uniqueness of your tweed jacket, try pairing it back with a plain top and neutral pants or denim.

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Layer with leather

Are you a fashionista at heart? Then you could experiment with a more daring look and texture contrasts!

Tweed looks incredibly stylish when paired with leather but make sure you choose one leather piece only and keep everything else toned down, preferring classic silhouettes and accessories in neutral tones.

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