Spring Racing

Spring Racing dress codes can be confusing, so the styling team at Yarra Trail have

helped you stay on track with some quick tips for each day. Feel confident nailing

your racing season looks with our ensemble picks 

As the first day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, it can be one of the strictest! It’s all about the

monochrome look. Bring out your smartest and stylish black and white frocks for a day on the green.

Style your look with a bold clutch or wide-brimmed hat. 

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The day that stops the nation! This day is all about being bold and wearing bright colours. No outfit is

ever too much. This year we love big patterns with splashes of green and orange. 

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Traditionally known as ladies day, Oaks Days is all about those feminie looks and soft pieces. We love

floral prints with subtle shapes and prints. 

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This is the day to attend if you are looking for something low key and relaxed. The attendees usually

opt for a less is more approach, so feel free to wear skirts and beautiful top combinations and simple


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The Melbourne Cup Carnival can be a fun time, and also expensive, so we love the country racing

scene just as much as you do! It’s a day for the locals to show off in their best outfits and have a great

time in the spring sunshine.