Natural fibres create the perfect travel-companion for a summer sent by the sea, or of course a sunny week in the city. 

Linen can double as a polished weekend piece as well as an easy, breezy casual favourite. A material many stray from under the belief that it is difficult to deal with, we have some of our top tips below for linen care:

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Like music to our ears- your favourite linen pieces can be machine or hand-washed! Ensure you always read the care label and opt for a gentle cycle with lightweight, like items as natural fibres do not last if overhandled.

 Linen also has a penchant for stretching; therefore it is best to wash your linens in warm or cold water- sticking to cold for vibrant printed linens or brighter tones, to avoid fading.


If possible, wash with a mild Eucalyptus-based detergent or a mild soap without bleach or any brighteners. No need for fabric softener, Linen’s natural properties cause it to become softer and more beautiful with each wash.   


Structured garments like suits and tailored linen jackets are the only garments that are better dry-cleaned.


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Drying Linen:


When handwashing, avoid wringing linen out as it may upset the structure of the fibers.


Air dry linens where possible, but if required tumble dry on low to medium for 15 minutes- a gentle setting and a shorter drying time will ensure the garment doesn’t become brittle over time.


 To avoid ironing- remove garments from tumbler whilst still damp and allow to air dry over a bed flat or a railing, as gravity will take care of most of the creases. Hanging linen on a clothesline should be monitored, as direct exposure to sunlight can cause garments to fade.

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Keeping Linen Crease-Free:


One of the main reasons many avoid linen is it tendency to crease easily- yet there are many simple ways to remedy this.


As mentioned before, laying garments flat or hanging whilst slightly damp will ensure they dry smooth.  To iron the rest, turn the garment inside out whilst damp and use iron on a medium-hot steam setting. 


Creasing throughout the day can be expected, but can add to the overall timeless, natural look of an outfit. It’s all in Linen’s charm. 



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Why we choose Linen?


At Yarra Trail we love to embrace the natural and effortlessly charming. Light-as-air and perfect for summer, there are not many layers that could beat our love for linen.


Just as easy to look after as cotton, and a fabrication that gets better after each wash- one of the many reasons we adore linen is that uses minimal resources to create and is therefore a more eco-friendly, sustainable option than many others.